Drum World, Stagemaster 20,12,14 shell pack- Icelandic Blue- Maple Hybrid Shell

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Drum World Shell pack.
20" x 16" 12" x 10" 14" x 14"

The shells are Maple hybrid shells. From their old website -"They are constructed from a mixture of maple and other fine woods demanded by today's professionals. The exact formula is kept a highly guarded secret" and they are really nice.

The kit has its fair share of bumps and scratches but nothing more than cosmetic. I have stained any wood that was showing to match and brushed a few coats of lacquer on.

All the tension rods were replaced and nylon washers have been fitted. The wingnuts and bolts were too wide on the floor tom so they rubbed against the wood when tightened so all wingnuts have been replaced with new Gibraltar ones (including the wingbolt on the mounting arm)as I like matching parts.

Brand new floor tom legs. Brand new Code heads on the whole kit(comes with bass drum patch). Comes with the mounting arm, floor tom legs and the clamp.

P.S. I have a drum world snare (same series but different colour) for sale too.

Condition = Good