Ludwig 66 Keystone Blue Oyster Super Classic Fab Kit 22, 13, 16

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Ludwig Super Classic in Blue Oyster. The badges date it to 66. Its overall really good with some wear and tear- small scratches bumps etc, minor rust issues on some chrome but its all been gone over and cleaned up inside and out and a few repairs made.

Bass drum: 22" x 14" Serial No: 338540
Tom drum: 13" x 9"  Serial No: 326117 
Floor tom: 16" x 16" Serial No: 338398 
(Serial number may be off as there is wear and I am guessing a couple numbers)

Points of note:

  • There was some damage to the bearing edges so they have all been recut by a profesional drum builder.
  • All the lugs have had felt wrapped around the springs to stop rattling.
  • Insides and the wood hoops have been repainted.
  • Tom mount has a worn section on the tube and the chrome has a bit af flaking chrome on the bottom of the upper section.
  • Two holes from a mount have been filled with shell from a vintage Premier and covered in original wrap(see photo).
  • The bass drum spurs have been sharpened at some point in the past. The spurs have homemade removeable rubber feet.
  • Theres some scratches on the bottom of one leg mount(positioned so its not too visible).
  • The front bass drum hoop was partially split- its been repaired but its still going to be a weak point if you drop the drum or something.
  • Theres marks from clamps/pedal rash on the hoops.
  • A small section of inlay has been replaced (hidden behind a claw)
  • The accessory arm mount has a replacement wingnut which is smaller than the others.
  • The cymbal arm is a generic modern arm.
  • New Coated Ambassadors on the toms (top and bottom), New Coated Powerstroke 3 and  Ambassador smooth white (logo removed) on the Bass drum.
  • Comes with the mounts, arms, legs, bass drum patch and the ludwig wrench for the mount.