Ludwig 70s Blue Oyster Pearl Canister throne

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Canister throne in the 70s Blue Oyster Pearl. I had it re-upholstered and found a new draw latch that fits the hole pattern on the cannister part. Some scratches and scuffs on the wrap and general wear all over but its pretty good.

I have heard of Ludwig thrones with no badge and this is apparently one of them, everything else checks out- the clip, the hole patterns, the wrap and the fact it came with a blue oyster ludwig kit. There was a hole where the latch is where a bolt went through which I filled with a dowel and a little filler at the edge when i fitted the new latch.

The new latch is a bit cheap but its the only thing I could find that matches the hole pattern on the shell so its beefed up internally with washers and I will included a spare one just incase.