Mapex Orion 90s Shell Pack Drum Kit 22,12,13,16

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90s Mapex Orion Kit in a black sparkle lacquer.  Its been in a studio for years and has more than its fair share of chips to the lacquer and some extreme tom and pedal rash. I have replaced most of the wingnuts, new used mounts on the toms, a few brand new lugs and 4 brand new claws. There is rust pitting and  a section of peeling chrome on the hoops and some bashes / pitting  on the hardware.

Its either ready to go now if you like it as is (or dont care about cosmetics) or it would be amazing resprayed a new colour. Or because there are no holes in the shell you could just move the leg and tom mount on the bass drum to put the tom rash section underneath the drum.

12x10, 13x11,16x16,22x16

2 of the memory locks on the floor tom legs are not mapex ones. There is a little damage around part of the 12" top bearing edge(pictured), its not awful and i doubt its big enough to affect the sound but the rest of the edges are really sharp so its of note.

Used Evans G2s with some minor dings on the top, Aquarian SK2 on the bass drum and  Mapex branded ambassadors on the resonant toms (the 12" is a Remo branded) the Mapex front head has a drum-o fitted and there are stick marks on the head.

Non original spur feet.