PDP X7 Dressed as a DW Drum Kit in Gold Fade Shell Pack (lots of toms)

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PDP X7 kit with 22" Bass Drum - 8",10",12" rack toms and 14",16" floor toms. Poplar Shells with suspension mounts and Tru-Pitch tuning systems (tighter thread on rods).

Most of the drums are in really good condition with a few small marks but there are a couple issues pretty much all on the 16" floor tom.  The badges have been switched for Replica DW badges (original rubber grommet is behind these but not the badge).

The 16" was converted to a bass drum and had extra holes and damage to the edge - the edge was professionally repaired, The holes were filled and a decent attempt at matching the finish was done but really its a tricky finish to match. There are a few gouges on the finish which have also been covered but not filled, a patch where the lacquer was damaged has been cleaned up, its taken a bash on the side which has been glued and 2 of the leg mounts are not PDP just a close match.

Other than that the worst thing is that one hoop on the 14" is a bit rusty and theres some stuff written onthe inside of a few of the shells in biro.

Superkick SK1 on the bass drum and decent ambassadors on the resonant and a mix of single ply heads on the resonant sides.

No floor tom legs or tom mounts are included.