Pearl Session (SRX) Drum Kit Teal Blue Lacquer 22/10/12/14

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Pearl Session Drum Kit- Maple/Mahogony hybrid shell- suspension mounts, unilock tom arms. 22x16, 10x10, 12x10, 14x12.

Its got its fair share of marks and little scratches but its still a nice kit. There were some bumps on the top edges of the toms which have all been professionally repaired by Murray Drums. The bottom hoop on the 14" is a brand new pearl hoop(1.6mm like the originals).  A few rods and washers have been replaced.

Brand New Pinstripes on the top, resonant tom heads are decent but not perfect ambassadors. Powerstroke on the bass drum batter and the original bass drum display head.

Mapex Cymbal stand base is not included - just the 2 long pearl arms and 1 short one.