Premier 60s transition Mahogony Duroplastic Drum Kit 20-12-16

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Classic Premier kit in the other Ringo kit wrap. All pre international sized birch drums with new heads on the tom batter sides and serviceable heads for everything else (a few small dings). An extra pair of legs have been fitted to the bass drum by the previous owner (Jimmy Shand Bands Drummer).

12"x 8" tom
16" x15" Floor
20" x 14" Bass Drum

Its really nice throughout but there are a few scratched areas, small marks and dings. The floor tom has a couple of minor splits (see photos(one is behind a mount so you cant see it). The tom mount has a couple of holes in it for a memory lock the previous owner had made.

The bass drum hoops have been resprayed and its been given a good clean any minor issues fixed and half a dozen of the bass drum claws have been replaced.

Condition = Very Good