Remo Mastertouch Drum Kit - 20,10,12,14 - Acousticon shells

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Remo Mastertouch kit- Acousticon Shells. 20" bass drum, 10,12,14 toms. Comes with all the arms but not the stand base in the pictured.

Really nice kit that sounds amazing but has a few cosmetic issues. The outer wrap at the bottom of the bass drum hoop has come off- its been glued back on and a hoop protector fitted(there is bad hoop rash under it). Theres a bit at the top where the outer bit was loose and its been cut back. There are several marks, a few bumps and some rust on the hoops. One tom arm has a yamaha wingbolt, the main tom arm has been repaisred with a heliocoil.

There is a BBC Concert Orchestra sticker on one tom hoop (bought from an auction of stuff from BBC Scotland).

Remo Ambassadors on the resonants (one brand new) pinstripes on the batters (bass drum is unused) and the original front head which has some marks where stickers were and a few small dents.