Royal Star (Tama) 14" x 5" Snare Drum

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Royal Star (Pre Tama) snare drum. It had an extended snare throw at some point but was missing almost all of it when it got to me(it is the same as a first generation Tama Kingbeat if you want to refit one). I have a fitted modern throw which uses the original holes (at each end theres one extra hole, and I filled the larger hole so the smaller bolt didnt move in the gap).

The shell is super thick (about 8mm) with re-rings (really nice rounded edge) and an internal dampener (with on/off options) which I replaced the actual felt/metal disk on (also missing when i got it).

The wrap has hazing and some condensation looks like it got in there and theres blemishes to the back of the wrap. theres a little rust spotting and marks on the chrome but nothing too bad.

New aquarian heads(quite a tight fit) and a new Tama Starclassic wire fitted.

14" x 5"

Condition = Very Good