Sonor SSE Safari Mini Drum Kit in Blue Sparke - 16,10,14,14

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Sonor Blue Sparkle SSE Safari kit. Really nice kit with sturdy Sonor hardware.

A few small scuffs here and there and some relatively mild rust pitting on the chrome (lugs all good- its the hoops/claws) and some small metal parts. The bottom hoop on the floor tom is a replacement tama hoop, and the snare butt end has been replaced. Wear at the bottom of the bass drum hoop from the bass drum pedal.

All used skins- original sonor branded remo heads on the resonants and bass batter and Aquarian Super 2s on the tom batter side, and a vintage emporer on the snare.

  • 16"x16" Bass Drum
  • 10"x8" Tom Tom
  • 14"x12" Floor Tom
  • 14"x5" Snare Drum
  • Single Tom holder STH 274