Tama Granstar I Drum Kit 20,10,12,14 - Gunmetal Grey

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Tama Granstar Kit 10,12,14,20. 7 ply birch shells with gunmetal grey wrap.
The 14" has a Worldmax leg conversion fitted (can be sold without this).

There is minor pitting and marks on some of the hardware. The wrap has a few minor bumps and scratches. The bass drum hoops have a few chips to the paint work some of which were filled in with car paint (not the best job). Other than that its all good and sounds fantastic.

Used Aquarian Studio Xs on the tom batters and brand new remo ambassadors on the resonant side. Used Aquarian SK1 on the bass drum batter and a Regulator on the resonant with a genuine Tama logo sticker applied. All the used skins are fairly new with nothing more than stick marks.

I would be willing to split for good offers on individual drums.