Tama Granstar I Drum Kit 22,12,13,16 - Gunmetal Grey

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Tama Granstar Kit 12, 13, 16, 22. 7 ply birch shells with gunmetal grey wrap. The bass drum is an absolute beast.

There is pitting and marks on the hardware and little rust spots onthe hoops. The wrap has a few bumps and minor scratches. the bass drum hoops have a few chips to the paint work and pedal rash. Theres a few scrapes on the inside of the 16" from having a drum stored in it presumably and the screws are rusty on most of the drums. One locking screw on the legs is missing(not essential).

Used heads all over with some marks. Ambasssadors on the tom resonant side, pinstripes (remo or tama branded) on all the batter heads and a Tama resonant bass drum head with a 4" port hole(not reinforced).