Trixon 20" Luxus Bass drum Black over Blue Sparkle

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Trixon Luxus Bass Drum. 20" x 16"
It is painted black over a blue sparkle wrap. The paint job is fairly even so it actually looks good but obviously would be stunning if it was back to blue sparkle. It sounds nice, legs, lugs etc. the dampener works but could do with some tweaking as the fabric is stretched. The chrome is pretty good but some claws/lugs have rust spots etc.

Two of the claws on the bottom are not the same as the other but have an almost identical profile from the front.
The rotating ball cymbal arm is missing the back piece and the fixing screw so I fitted a piece of suede between the bolts to hold the ball in place. The fixing bolts for the tom holder(I think the hole is retapped to a bigger size as the foot spur screws do not fit) and dampener are not original. Its got 3 holes at the front which I assume are for another dampener. One section of wrap is coming up at the seam which is where you can see the original blue colour.