Vintage early 80s Tama Imperialstar Drum Kit - 13",14",16" & 22"

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Tama Imperialstar Drum Kit, mahogony shell with re-rings and zola coat. Toms are really nice and the bass drum is super sharp - possibly more to do with the massive port hole onthe drum head.

13", 14", rack toms, 16" floor tom and a 22" Bass Drum

I think the wrap is original but it looks like it's been trimmed back from the edge on a couple of drums or possibly it's a real but it's done really well and looks like original wrap. The wrap has sort sections where the coloured layer has flaked off or something allowing you to see the wood underneath. The 14" had a pearl mount fitted so the original mount has been re- fitted and the holes have been filled and the wrap patched. I will send a bit of spare wrap.

All the drums are in really good condition other than the extra holes on the 14" and 2 of the bass drum lugs (on the bottom) have peeling chrome.

The skins are mostly original tama coated heads except the 16" which has a newer remo head. The bass drum batter head has a big patch where the coating is worn off (I put a big Remo Falam that covers most of it). Comes with the tom mounts, legs (the bass drum legs are not an exact match).