Yamaha DFP870 Double Chain Double Bass Drum Pedal (very adjustable)

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Yamaha Double Bass Drum Pedal that I bought new in about 98.
Adjustable footplate position
Adjustable footplate angle on the cam
Adjustable beater angle
Adjustable beater head angle
It has scrapes and marks all over but its a fantasic pedal.

Heres all the bad points The original clips for the rubber sleeve on the connecting bar at one side have been replaced by cable ties. On the bottom of the left footplate the thread on one of the screws to attach the chain to the footplate has been repaired. One of the locking hex bolts for the tension adjustment is a replacement.

It has the original key and it came with a hoop attaching clamp on both sides I removed it (screw/nut) as it rattled when playing but its included although it has got a stain on it.

Condition = Good