Yamaha SD-055MD Late 70s Snare Drum with extended length snare

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Yamaha SD-055MD 14"x 5.5" Steel Snare Drum. Late 70s I believe. 000 Series (came with 9000 series kits).
Parallel action extended length snare throw- really good condition all working perfectly (really nice action).  Just a wonderful snare.

There is some minor pitting and small marks on the shell and hoops. Some of the lugs are quite pitted. I replaced one of the throw height adjustment screws as the original is worn and had a slot cut in it for a flathead screwdriver  - I will include the original which works fine but you would need a flathead and a cross head screwdriver to adjust both sides.

Brand new Evans Genera Coated and Snare Side 300 fitted to the drum.

Condition = Very Good