Bass Drum Claws Various types - Gibraltar, Mapex, Yamaha

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Bass Drum Claws of Various types. Pick the item from the drop down to see the number of sets currently for sale (pictures match), please message me if you need clarification. The listing should not add additional postage after the first item to UK addresses - if it does request a revised total at checkout.

Details number of claws in each set.

2 x Gibraltar Claws
1 x Square edged Claw of unknown origin - i would guess tama or mapex
4 x Generic Wing Claws
1 x wing large - unknown origin
2 x Mapex Small
2 x Mapex Long
2 x Mapex Long with Tension Rod
2 x Unknown 1
2 x Unknown 2
2 x Unknown 3
4 x Unknown 3 bad
2 x Unknown 4