Carlsbro Okto A Percussion Pad e-drums (new)

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    The Okto A percussion pad set features 8 high response, hard wearing, user configurable rubber pads. 2 switch pedals to control bass drum and hi hat. 408 drum voices, 30 preset drum kits, 20 user drum kits. Record, playback, demo and teaching functions including powerful step by step snare, rhythm and complete drum set practice/teaching modes.

    Easily reversible pad interface to suit left & right handed drummers at the press of a button. 5V Micro USB power input for portable use via an external mobile power bank. USB connection for sending and receiving MIDI data. Bluetooth MIDI data transmission to connect to your favourite drum tutor software. And expansion sockets to connect external pads, cymbals and pedals for greater flexibility.

    • 2.8″ TFT LCD display
    • 408 high quality percussion voices
    • 30 preset drum kits
    • 20 user defined drum kits
    • 20 demo songs
    • Mix input, Line output, Headphone output
    • USB MIDI interface (USB to device)
    • Bluetooth MIDI connectivity
    • 5V input for powerbank
    • Recording and playback facility
    • Adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk
    • Metronome
    • Coaching and learning function
    • Multiple effects
    • EQ adjustments and filters
    • Drum voice tuning
    • Drum pad expansion sockets 
    • 1 x Okto A Percussion pad
    • 1 x Pair of pedals for bass and hi hat control
    • 1 x Pair of drumsticks

    This kit can be sold on its own OR with a bundle of Carlsbro CBP1 Stool & Headphone Bundle Pack (CSS3 stool and DCN2 Headphones) OR the better quality CSS1 Stool. Please select the option you want from the drop down.

    This can also come with a carrying bag and or a stand for the pad.

    Please note this is drop shipped so local collection is not available for this plus I am not incontrol of stock so there is a slim chance it might have to cancel and refund you(if you want to email me first to check stock levels then do that).

    I also cant find any pictures of the carrying bag or the stand.