Izmir Italian (UFIP/Zanchi) 14" Hi Hat Cymbals -small repair

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Nice sounding Izmir14" Hi Hats. There was a small chunk out on the bottom hi hat that I have cut into a nicer shape and smoothed out nicely (I can send it straight to a cymbal repairer if you wnat a full circumferance reduction done on both cymbals). I have sanded the full edge lightly just to get rid of a couple minor rough sections but there are a couple minor fleabites that you can still feel but the edges have been smoothed so hopefully they are fine unless you thrash them.

Weight: 863g/899g
Logos: good
Keyholing: No
Dents: No
Fleabites: chunk out and one or two minor.
Edges: smoothed out but still some rough points
Condition: 6.5 / 10