New Sound Deluxe Customised 14" x 6.5" Extended Length Snare Drum (Taiwanese Kingbeat Clone)

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New Sound Steel 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum which is a 70s Taiwanese clone of a Tama Kingbeat (the snare mechanisms are interchangeable apparently). There are a couple scuffs and bits of peeling chrome but thats all pretty minor.

I got it as a bare shell and throw off so its fitted with Gretsch style lugs with red leather gaskets, new 2.3mm hoops, new Tension Rods, New Remo Heads, New snare wire (takes a Ludwig Super Sensitive wire). A random internal dampener has been fitted (there are two holes just visable from the old dampener) its had a small repair to stop it wobbling. A couple screws on the throw have been replaced with modern equivalents and there is a bit of a bend on the snare guard.

It sounds really good and if you wnat it maybe jump on it before I keep it myself. I will throw in the screws that came with it on the throw off in the even you want to get it all original (i am not convinced they are original though) and 10 black gaskets (just the basic plastic ones).

Condition = Very Good