Older Tama Double Bass Drum Pedal / Driveshaft Used Spare Parts

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Various Used Parts from a HP200TW pedal that might well suit other Tama pedals.

CNR2-2     Inner rod assembly 1 screw   - marked - missing one fixing screw on the side 2 available in similar condition.
HP2-8        Footboard assembly - marks from use
HP2-9        Stabilizing plate- No screws included in this
S512          Screw (M5x15mm)  - from baseplate - priced individually
S512          Screw (M5x12mm)  - from baseplate - priced individually
HP2-521    Pressure plate        - for attahcing the chain to the sprocet
HP2W51    Sprocket only w/screw  - Powerglide sprocket with hex screw felt a bit worn
HP2-52      Chain assembly w/screw -includes MS615SH Screw (M6x15mm)  - Part that attaches to footboard + screw that attaches it + the chain.
CNR90-5   Pressure pad and screws - from the inside of the drive shaft - including the 2 fixing screws
7114SP     Screw anchor w/spring - fixing spikes M6- 35.5mm in total length
CNR2-1     Connecting tubing assembly -central part of drive shaft - needs inner pressure pads to fix onto rod assemblies.
HP2W12     Shaft assembly and hex nut/washer/spacer - Shaft from Slave pedal side with the washer, bearing and hex nut on one side. - Missing the spacer and the bearing on the right hand side.